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About the Collaborative

The Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative (WMC) was formed in 2017 to bring together researchers, land managers, nonprofits, and interested citizens to promote monarch collaboration in Wisconsin. With over 50 partner organizations and agencies, we represent a wide range of people working together to conserve monarchs and their habitat. Our primary goal is to work together to increase monarch habitat throughout the state by educating folks across our interest groups about the importance of pollinator habitat. As part of the 2019-2038 Wisconsin Monarch Conservation Strategy, developed by WMC, we set a goal of increasing the number of milkweed stems in the state by 119 million by 2038. We hope you’ll join us in working towards that goal!


To facilitate conservation and recovery of monarch butterflies and their habitat in Wisconsin.


To empower organizations and individuals to conserve monarchs through habitat creation and enhancement by providing technical expertise, information, and resource sharing between partners and the public, and coordination with other local, regional, and national monarch conservation efforts.


Our goal is to increase the quantity of native milkweed and nectar plants across the Wisconsin landscape through habitat creation and enhancement, communications and outreach, and research and monitoring. The goal of the Collaborative is to provide coordination and technical resources for public and private landowners to voluntarily add and enhance monarch habitat, share success stories, and track progress as individuals and organizations in Wisconsin to help in the national effort to proactively recover monarchs.

Sixteen states along the eastern monarch population’s migration path from southern Canada to central Mexico, including Wisconsin, voluntarily implement the Mid-America Monarch Conservation Strategy which outlines regional goals for species recovery. The Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative is part of a larger network of conservation efforts!

To achieve the ambitious mission, vision, and goals you see here, the Wisconsin Monarch Collaborative seeks to connect with a variety of audiences throughout the state. The working groups listed below focus on partnering with the individuals in those categories to increase monarch habitat. Click on each working group name for more information.

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Photo by Arlene Koziol

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